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Medical Advice For Travelers

Avoid the midday sun – between 13.00 and 17.00 ensure you have shade and plenty of fluids, and limit physical activity.

The wearing of a sunhat is recommended at all times, especially for children and sun screen should be used and reapplied often.

Avoid swimming after a heavy meal.

Insect repellent products, for both your skin and your room are recommended. Long trousers and long sleeves are also recommended especially around dusk.

Food and Drink – no special precautions are necessary,the local water supply is generally safe, bottled water is always an option to ensure safety of drinking water.

Animal and/or snake bites – if you are unlucky enough to have either, medical attention is recommended.

Should you need a prescription for your regular medication either because you have run out or lost your own supply, consult the local doctor. Many drugs are available under a different trade name.

Should you need any kind of mobility aid, for example crutches, wheelchair) please enquire.

In case of extremely serious injuries/accidents or fatal incidents we are able to provide you with contact details for foreign consulates based on Corfu Island.

Corfu has many blue flag beaches. Enjoy the sea, be aware of lifeguard warnings, and never dive into water where you do not know the depth.

Corfu is still a safe island with a low crime rate, but don’t tempt fate by leaving your valuables in view.

Using the same common sense you would at home whilst on Corfu will ensure that you enjoy your stay, and have a safe and healthy holiday.